“We believe that women are vital contributors to economic and social progress.”

While progress has been made in Lebanon in a variety of social and economic realms concerning the rights of girls and women, inequalities remain: Women in Lebanon still face roadblocks in education, careers and social opportunities.

In addition, recent statistics (Status of Women in Lebanon, Dr. Maral Tutelian) show that 15% of families in Lebanon are headed by women. Most of them, however, are old, illiterate and generally ill-prepared to shoulder such burdens.

Moreover, the great disparity between the rich and the poor is worsening. Many communities throughout the country are marginalized, living in poverty, under-served by public services such as water and electricity, and essentially ignored by the government.


MFA helps providing educational opportunities for female students through the financial assistance to Makassed women literacy and vocational training programs in underserved areas in Lebanon.

MFA supports Ward Al Makassed, the first community development center of its kind in Beirut’s impoverished neighborhood of Tarik Al-Jadideh. The center provides women and youth with job opportunities, education, and capacity-building through rapid vocational training in fields such as cooking, sewing, and cosmetology. Its mission is to improve participants’ successful opportunities in the labor market, as well as to provide them with social skills that will enable them to function in the workplace.

You can help by contributing $200 to cover the training of one woman.

Let us join hands to empower women to become productive members of the community.