The Faculty of Teacher Education

In a bid to push further its education offer, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut added a Faculty of Teacher Education to its academic year 2021-2022, bringing to 3 the number of faculties at Makassed University of Beirut.

The Faculty will educate professionals who are able to respond to the changing needs of school and teaching profession and the challenges of lifelong continuing education. The goal is to facilitate the students’ growth into autonomous, self-reflective, cultured, ethically responsible educators with a strong ability to use the most advanced academic technology and to participate in the professional community of their field.

The Faculty of Teacher Education aspires to prepare teachers in all majors and stages. Programs therefore include theoretical and applied materials, allowing students to acquire the necessary competencies required by the labor market in modern schools and educational institutions.

Through this new Faculty equipped with high end tools and modern curriculum, Makassed wishes to defy the challenges of a profession that has become one the most demanding jobs in terms of social changing needs.