We believe that education is essential for economic and social progress

Economic constraints prevent many Lebanese children from attending school, as some must work to support their families, while others cannot afford school-related expenses. The deteriorating economic conditions in Lebanon since the Civil War, exacerbated by the recent ongoing crisis, have negatively and dramatically impacted overall school enrollment rates.

According to the World Bank compilation of development indicators from officially recognized sources, Lebanon’s gross school enrollment rate is currently at 60% – falling behind other countries in the region such as Jordan (65%) and Qatar (86%). Despite limited available data, an estimated 25% of the Lebanese population live on less than $4 per day. Moreover, the economic disparity between the rich and the impoverished is intensifying. Many are marginalized, living in poverty, relying on inadequate public services like water and electricity, while being overlooked by the government.


Through its Scholarship Fund, MFA works closely with Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut to provide full or partial scholarships to students facing vulnerability and to facilitate the restoration of schools and classrooms. Makassed runs six schools in Beirut and seven schools in remote areas; it provides quality education to over 9,000 students, with 5,100 students benefitting from scholarships.

In its commitment to fostering education among the youth in Lebanon, MFA grants university scholarship assistance to outstanding students enrolled in universities in the USA.

Your support is essential in empowering children and young individuals with the necessary skills to grow and thrive in the 21st century.